About us Frist Arabian Company for Custom Clearance

Our mission

Innovation by all what we have including experiences , manner and vision of prosperous future, we decides to make custom clearance industry not craft To dedicate what we have of distinguished experiences for providing integral and creative solutions to our customers. Committing to continuous seeking to achieve highest performance level vis innovation , creating and comprehensive planning

Our vision

To be a leading working company in custom clearance by achieving leadership, excellence in providing our services according to international standards.

Our objectives

  • the customers are our objectives , the customer satisfaction is our goal , we do not accept except providing superior and distinguished services for our customers according to highest quality standards
  • providing alternative vision of custom clearance depended upon linking between scientific basis and practical practice
  • to establish long-term relationships with our customers and providing them services carefully

General provision

There are general provision for importing which should be committed to by the importer to ensure consignments easily clearance , including the following :

  • The importer should has Commercial registry including business activity matches with the imported items
  • The original invoice is approved by commerce concerned authority at the exporting country
  • Original certificate of origin approved by Commercial chamber at exporting country
  • The country of origin should be described on the item packages by irremovable manner
  • The validity date of food products and compositions should be described in Arabic language according to Saudi specifications
  • Registration of foodstuffs in food and drug administration " food dept."
  • Herbal and pharmacological products are fulfilled to clearance requirements of food and drug administration " drug dept."
  • Medical products are fulfilled to clearance requirements of food and drug administration " medical accessories Dept "
  • Presence of prior importing permit in respect to chemicals