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We are a pioneering Saudi company with ultimate professionalism and distinguished performance of several departments in the company (marine shipping, customs clearance, transportation and storing, containers’ yards, registering items in Saudi Food & Drug Authority, customs exemptions, chemicals clearances). We are committed from the first moment to high quality, facilitate work in the fastest manner, the lowest cost, and the highest quality. The First Arabian Company for Customs Clearance performs its business through various managements. Following are some newly added managements during 2019/2020 to develop work and cope up progress. The managements include but not limited to:

  • Department of Follow-up and Auditing: This department sorts transactions in highly professional method and provides all requirements related to clearance in order to accelerate provision of customs clearance.
  • Department of Customs Consultations: It is a specialized department set for meeting the development in all updates of circulars and requirements of Saudi Food & Drug Authority and other authorities required to refer the shipments to by customs to complete the clearance process.
  • Total Quality Management: It is the department specialized in achieving client’s needs and desires sufficiently in error rate of 0%.
  • Legal Affairs Dept.: This department follows the studies related to customs items, industrial customs clearance, etc. In addition, the department follows the customs cases if any.

Our Achievements

  • Founding member of Arab Union of Customs Executives belonging to League of Arab States.
  • A member of National Committee of Customs Clearance issued by Board of Saudi Chambers of Commerce.
  • The first Saudi company to obtain “Customs Clearance International Executive Certificate” from World Trade Organization.
  • The first Saudi company to be a member of Arab Association of Management.
  • Held “Distinction Award” of Customs Clearance Offices in 1437 AH.


Customer’s satisfaction is out permanent ambition and the real motive for our success continuity.


Creativity in all what we have of experience, concept, and vision of a blooming future. We decided to make customs clearance an industry not just a craft. Dedicating out distinct experience to provide integrated and innovative solutions to our customers


To be the first pioneering company in the field of customs clearance though achieving leadership and distinction in providing our services as per international standards. Exceeding our customers expectations in providing high quality products and services meeting their desires and expectations. Heading the internationalism through high quality, competitive ability to be of the best companies working in customs clearance internationally.


  • You are the objective we are seeking to. We are committed to provide you distinction through the highest standards of quality and perfection.
  • Providing a replacement vision of academic vision-based customs clearance related to practical reality.
  • Building long-term relations with customs and serving them carefully. To achieve these objectives, we utilized all our thought and powers we have to serve customers. Our adopted the slogan “Every problem has one thousand solutions” and “Customer satisfaction is a reachable target” in order to facilitate all obstacles facing our customers in their work and proving their performance.