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لماذا الشركة العربية الأولى ؟ اليك بعض الأسباب التي تجعلك أحد عملاء الشركة العربية الأولى

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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  • What is certificate of origin ?
    It is a certificate which is issued by commercial chamber at the exporting country identifies the country of manufacture and production of the exported goods , it is necessary document to identify the goods' nationality to evaluate the imposed fees or the granted Exemptions, it is useful for control preventing of prohibited or economical boycotted commodities entering .
  • What is the billing of lading ?
    It is a certificate which is issued by carrier , it is transportation agreement between the exporter and carrier , describes loading port and destination port , transport media , freight charge and payment method. It is document which issued by the carrier for verification of goods receipt at decks or airplanes hangars , it is commodities ownership contract for the importer where it describes the commodities and Receiver
  • How to calculate the storage fees?
    • In case of statement print within 48 hrs from ship arrival , the storage fees are exempted as long as the consignments on customs proceedings
    • In case of statement print within 48 hrs from ship arrival (whatever cause) , the storage fees will be calculated 7 days after ship arrival
  • Who to obtain chemicals importing permit ?
    The merchant shall fill-up the specified form for this purpose , complete all data including goods name in Arabic and English languages , its chemical composition , usage indication and custom category , and submit it to customs Dept. attached with technical data sheet of the item translated to Arabic language, after customs dept. approval a copy will be delivered to carrier and shipping agent.
  • What are the restricted commodities or materials ?
    The items need to competent authority permit for clearance.

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